New Connections Ministries

New Connections Ministries is a non-profit charitable organization serving the community since 1993. This Christ-centered ministry was officially registered in 1998 and offers support and biblical counsel to inmates, former inmates, addicts and their families.

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Bible Studies

Prison Ministry

New Connections Ministries began and is still an outreach to men in the prisons of Eastern Ontario and elsewhere.  We bring the hope of the Gospel and godly counsel to many who are often forgotten by the world around them. Regular Bible study and fellowship are essential to the growth of all Christians, and so we minister life to those who will hear us.

Since the pandemic outreach has been challenging, penitentiaries closed their doors and access was not possible. We are currently working at Collins Bay penitentiary location.

Prison Ministry offers men the following:

  • Bible studies in where prisoners are coached to lead lives of purpose based on the bible.
  • Personal time between men, share their feelings and frustrations.
  • Guitar lessons in where prisoners can learn to play guitar.

Please pray that the Lord will touch many with the Good News!

Biblical Counselling

Biblical counselling is rooted entirely in the wisdom and insight that the Word of God, the Bible, offers us. Like all types of counselling its goal is to bring about change, but unlike most forms of counselling, Biblical counselling does not attempt to change the behaviour of the counselee. Rather its aim is to change the heart, so that the counselee will become more Christlike or more holy.

When this happens, behaviour will change. In many cases the believer may not be aware of some deeply rooted sin patterns of his/her heart. The Word of God challenges the counselee to acknowledge and confess such sins and to repent of them. The Biblical counselor, depending on the Holy Spirit, uses the Scripture, to help the counselee to be aware of these sin patterns that are enslaving her/him.

Please contact Jim Dods if you like to learn more

Bible Studies

Community Re-integration Support

The NCM team try to maintain regular contact with each man and their family as they are released from prison. We offer counseling, emotional support and a mentorship program. Our desire is that these men have positive friends in the community. We assist the men in finding employment, invite them to our homes for meals and fellowship, and do what any good friend would do.

Housing Support Program

As part of community reintegration NCM provides a home in Ottawa for men who are working or attending school and need a stable living environment. This home is a discipleship home where the men are encouraged to study the bible, connect with a Christian church and be accountable to one another in the house
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