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Liberty House Introduction

It is important that any person applying for residency at NCM - Liberty House agrees with our principles, standards and rules. Liberty House is not a rooming house or second stage program, nor is it primarily a safe place for persons who want to stop using drugs and alcohol. Rather, it is a discipleship home where residents come to live in order to learn how to become committed disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Although the NCM house is primarily a Christian discipleship residence and is intended for individuals who are believers in Jesus Christ, it is understood that there may be instances where NCM accepts an individual who genuinely has an interest in following Jesus Christ, but has yet to make that decision in his life. An individual who is seeking may be accepted and may continue on at the home based on the General Director’s and House Supervisor’s belief that the individual is a good fit and is sincere in His desire to explore further the Christian faith. Regardless, of whether the individual has put his faith in Jesus Christ, the expectations for behavior would remain the same for all residents.

The NCM Board of Directors wants all potential residents to be very clear about what will be expected of a person applying to follow this discipleship program. The following outlines our discipleship principles and expectations.


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Character that Should Be Observed in a Healthy and Growing Disciple of Jesus Christ

  1. A definite salvation experience: All applicants, who are Christians, should be willing to admit that they are sinners deserving punishment by a holy God. They should be able to talk freely about the experience of their acceptance of Jesus Christ as the one who saved them by taking the punishment for them.
  2. A will to read the Bible: All applicants should be willing to read the Bible daily on their own and to study it in groups, in order to find out what God is saying to them.
  3. A will to obey God's Word: A simple test a resident can use to determine if he is a true disciple of Jesus Christ is whether he wants to and is trying to obey God's Word. Of course, he will have to read it to know what it asks of him. All applicants must be willing to obey God's word
  4. A will to avoid or put off specific sins from the resident’s old way of life, that are singled out in the Bible to be out of character with a disciple of Jesus Christ, and put on new attitudes and actions which are consistent with the character of God
  5. A will to listen to instruction, correction and exhortation from mature believers: All applicants must be willing to be mentored and taught by more mature believers in the family of God.
  6. An attitude of conviction and repentance after committing sin: All applicants should demonstrate conviction about past and present sin in their lives. Every Christian sins but if a person can sin and not demonstrate genuine remorse or continues in the sin, it is quite possible that that person is not a true disciple of Jesus Christ.
  7. An attitude of love for other disciples of Jesus Christ demonstrated by a care and concern for other residents living in the discipleship home.
  8. A desire to worship the Lord with other believers. All applicants will want to attend a church to worship each Sunday, as well as spend time at Bible Studies, and spend spare time with other believers.
  9. A desire to work and earn your own living as much as is possible under your present circumstances. (this includes working the maximum number of hours allowed when on ODSP or Social Assistance)

The Board of Directors of NCM has Mr. Andre Materman, the House Supervisor, to manage the spiritual atmosphere in Liberty House. Me. Jim Dods continues to counsel the residents with the above principles in mind.

If, after carefully reading this list, you believe that you would like to participate in our discipleship home, please feel free to apply to come to Liberty house. On the other hand, if you know that this lifestyle is not for you, please do not apply to become a resident. We will try to direct you to a more suitable place.

Because you will be living in community and representing NCM in the community, your actions do matter. Applicants will be asked to read and sign an agreement (Part 2), as documented by the board of directors. It is the responsibility of the house supervisor and general director to enforce this agreement in a consistent and fair manner. These rules set out the expectations NCM board, the house supervisor and general director have of you upon acceptance into Liberty House.

Submit your application to NCM, by sending us your:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Names and phone numbers of people to contact for References
  • Background History
  • Current Medial Conditions
  • Current Parole Conditions
  • A short Christian Testimony if applicable

We would then follow up, to arrange an in-person or telephone interview.

God Bless. We look forward to hearing from you.


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