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Our History

In 1998 New Connections Ministries (NCM) was established as an outreach to men in prisons across Eastern Ontario. These initial contacts soon led to providing follow-up, upon their release into the community, and to ministering to the families of these men. It became clear that many of the men to whom we were ministering, were struggling with addictions to alcohol, drugs and sexual immorality. These addictions were the main reason for re-offences, re-incarceration, and further anguish for our clients, and their families. Even after coming to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, the men remained in bondage to their addictions. In an effort to meet some of these needs, the ministry has expanded over the past few years and now includes a community based support home.

In an effort to meet ongoing needs, a 5 bed support home was established in Ottawa in 2005 to provide safe living arrangements and support men recently released from prison or men who have completed an addiction treatment program.

It has been a true encouragement to see God work and bless men and their families through the ministry of New Connections Ministries. However, the need remains great! There are still many more men in bondage who need freedom. We believe an increase in the number of staff and a wider financial support base would allow us to fulfill our mission more effectively and to reach more men.

We have a vision of a growing ministry in which we will have the resources to:

  • Evangelize and disciple every man in jail who requests our support.
  • Evangelize, disciple, and support ex-offenders and addicts.
  • Counsel men struggling with addictions and other bondages.

We envision our human and physical resources being used as teaching tools with which to train men in the ethics of work, and in practical life skills. We see these men and their families becoming connected with mature Christian mentors and Bible-believing churches. We also have a vision of men and their families being followed up with friendship, and emotional and spiritual support until they become strong Christians and productive citizens in their local communities.

  • It is a non-denominational ministry with historical roots in the Brethren Assemblies.
  • It operates under the management of two General Directors who are accountable to the Board of Directors.
  • It is incorporated as a registered charity in Canada & Quebec. Registration no.893126904 RR 0001

Liberty House Expectations...

Liberty House same as any other home, has its rules and these need to be followed and respected. Imagine for a minute a world without set rules and regulations, a world without order and precepts. Three words I can think of, violence chaos and anarchy.

Why do we need rules? These are necesary guidelines that we have created to be used as standards. Violators of these rules will have to face consequences and a penalty, in some cases the person will no longer be allowed to stay at Liberty House.

  • Rules are stablished for safety reason.
  • To keep peace and harmony in the house. For all the men and visitors.
  • Rules set our boundaries in the house, they are essential and should not be ignored.

Click here to download the house rules